Experiencing past & present of Port Blair

Are you a mountain or a beach person? All of us have encountered this cliché question one or the other time. There are numerous options if you are the former one. But if you are in love with the sea waves, Andaman is a must-visit. Port Blair, the capital city, known for serene beaches, adventure waterContinue reading “Experiencing past & present of Port Blair”

A day in the city of joy: Kolkata

Kolkata, the city of joy, Rabindra sangeet, sweet rasogulla, vibrant Durga Puja, and grand architecture, is the perfect canvas of Indian culture & traditions. Having spent a few memorable years of my childhood in West Bengal, I have witnessed the grandeur of the city several times. The images of me hopping from one pandal toContinue reading “A day in the city of joy: Kolkata”

Ikigai: The pathway to a better life

The world is full of information and distractions. The former has the power to make your life easier if you can swim through the ocean of the latter. Books that introduce you to your very roots & teach you how to lead your life in the best way are gems to be preserved. Ikigai isContinue reading “Ikigai: The pathway to a better life”

Bhutan: Where happiness knows no bounds

If I had one wish to make, I would ask for happiness! With its natural beauty, peaceful aura, and as one of the happiest countries in the world, Bhutan was a natural attraction to me. I was thrilled when things finally fell into place & I was going to visit the mystic land. Most ofContinue reading “Bhutan: Where happiness knows no bounds”