Spreading happiness with Oye Happy: Varun Todi

A man who spreads happiness – that’s how I would describe Varun Todi, founder of Oye Happy. Who knew that an attempt to surprise your girlfriend can lead to a gigantic business like Oye Happy. One of the best gifting and experience platforms in India today, Oye Happy offers unique and quirky gifting ideas forContinue reading “Spreading happiness with Oye Happy: Varun Todi”

Mental Wellbeing – Some tips & resources

Everything seems fine but isn’t. You feel sad, anxious, stressed, uneasy, lost, and confused. Most of us have been there one or the other times. With the constant clatter and overload of information, there has been a steep rise in these emotions recently. I have been there too and it is okay not to feelContinue reading “Mental Wellbeing – Some tips & resources”

Flying High with Shruti Chauhan

Indian Air Force & Mrs. India –Seems like two extreme worlds. One with the hardships to ensure the safety of the nation while the other reflecting the shimmer of the glamour world. Shruti Chauhan has merged these two worlds with her hard work, determination, and desire to fulfill her dreams. A Wing Commander in theContinue reading “Flying High with Shruti Chauhan”

Into the Mystic World of Sufi Music: Radhika Sood Nayak

 A soulful Sufi voice, poetry that takes you into the mystic world of Bulle Shah, and with a charming smile, Radhika Sood Nayak mesmerizes you. From working with corporate stalwarts like Hindustan Unilever and ANZ Grindlays Bank to spreading the sparkle of her talent in multiple music festivals like Mumbai Kabir Festival, Kala Ghoda –Continue reading “Into the Mystic World of Sufi Music: Radhika Sood Nayak”

Women Who Broke Free !

“You are our responsibility.” “We control your life to protect you.” “Marriage is the sole purpose of your life.” “We define your freedom.” …and the list is never-ending. Most of the women in India, though my belief is 100% of them, encounter these stereotypes regularly. As a kid, I was always curious, why parents didContinue reading “Women Who Broke Free !”

Five best budget online gift stores in India

Birthdays, anniversaries, or the upcoming day of love, Valentine’s day, these celebrations are incomplete without our friend X. Do you remember how X had made your day coming as a sweet surprise from your best friend on your last birthday? How X had burst a bubble of butterflies in your stomach when it came fromContinue reading “Five best budget online gift stores in India”

Why you do What you do?

There are 8 wonders in this world. Great Wall of China, Petra, Colosseum, Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, Taj Mahal, Christ the Redeemer, which is the next one? For me, it is Human Behavior. The twists & turns & unpredictability of human behavior are beyond the complexity of the rest seven wonders. The past few monthsContinue reading “Why you do What you do?”

Ikigai: The pathway to a better life

The world is full of information and distractions. The former has the power to make your life easier if you can swim through the ocean of the latter. Books that introduce you to your very roots & teach you how to lead your life in the best way are gems to be preserved. Ikigai isContinue reading “Ikigai: The pathway to a better life”