Spreading happiness with Oye Happy: Varun Todi

A man who spreads happiness – that’s how I would describe Varun Todi, founder of Oye Happy. Who knew that an attempt to surprise your girlfriend can lead to a gigantic business like Oye Happy. One of the best gifting and experience platforms in India today, Oye Happy offers unique and quirky gifting ideas forContinue reading “Spreading happiness with Oye Happy: Varun Todi”

Sound, Camera, Mountains with Isa Khan

A theatre actor, economics teacher, Isa Khan found solace in the beauty of nature, snow-clad mountains, and lush green valleys. His journey, which started from a small town in Uttar Pradesh is today mesmerizing us with beautiful travel content. Our conversation with Isa was a bit different and special, as he inspires us to chaseContinue reading “Sound, Camera, Mountains with Isa Khan”

Why you do What you do?

There are 8 wonders in this world. Great Wall of China, Petra, Colosseum, Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, Taj Mahal, Christ the Redeemer, which is the next one? For me, it is Human Behavior. The twists & turns & unpredictability of human behavior are beyond the complexity of the rest seven wonders. The past few monthsContinue reading “Why you do What you do?”