Sound, Camera, Mountains with Isa Khan

A theatre actor, economics teacher, Isa Khan found solace in the beauty of nature, snow-clad mountains, and lush green valleys. His journey, which started from a small town in Uttar Pradesh is today mesmerizing us with beautiful travel content. Our conversation with Isa was a bit different and special, as he inspires us to chaseContinue reading “Sound, Camera, Mountains with Isa Khan”

Essential travel apps for every trip

Do you love traveling? Me: Is that even a question? How often do you plan to travel? Me: Ah, every day! How comfortable are you in planning your trips? Me: NOT AT ALL! I love traveling, I really do. But, when it comes to planning, searching for the best destinations, grabbing the perfect flights andContinue reading “Essential travel apps for every trip”

How to travel safely during COVID-19

COVID -19, pandemic, lockdown are some of the words which have hit the world hard in the past year. After an entire year of fighting with the virus, dealing with the stress, we are now trying to cope with the changing world. Traveling has gradually started to get back on track with the governments, airlines,Continue reading “How to travel safely during COVID-19”