How to travel safely during COVID-19

COVID -19, pandemic, lockdown are some of the words which have hit the world hard in the past year. After an entire year of fighting with the virus, dealing with the stress, we are now trying to cope with the changing world. Traveling has gradually started to get back on track with the governments, airlines,Continue reading “How to travel safely during COVID-19”

Jaipur – Ultimate 3 day travel guide

The Pink City, colored gems, forts, and one of the earliest planned cities of India, Jaipur is a window to the grand past while retaining a touch of the modern world. Do you know the city was painted pink by Maharaja Ram Singh as a symbol of hospitality? Well, what could be better than experiencingContinue reading “Jaipur – Ultimate 3 day travel guide”

Exploring Indian workations with The Hosteller

Imagine working on a piece of code while chilling on a beach in Goa, curating the next marketing campaign for your company while watching the snow in Manali, or analyzing the stock market while experiencing the royal palaces of Udaipur. All these dreams can transform into reality with the help of a newcomer in theContinue reading “Exploring Indian workations with The Hosteller”

Best destinations for top Indian festivals

India is a country of many colors, celebrations, and festivals. Most of the festivals have been the child of religious beliefs, but some have been the outcome of a regional lifestyle. In present times, these festivals are an escape from our fast-moving lives to celebrate with loved ones.  While many festivals are celebrated across theContinue reading “Best destinations for top Indian festivals”

Five best Konkan beaches in Dapoli

Do you know there are more than 100 beaches in India, around 40 in Maharashtra alone? While some of them are well known, a few other hidden gems are yet to be discovered. 215 km away from Mumbai is a peaceful getaway, Dapoli. This coastal hill station will surprise you with many pristine beaches, greenContinue reading “Five best Konkan beaches in Dapoli”

Five weekend getaways near Nashik

An ancient city with a tinge of modernity, Nashik is a go-to for every nature lover. The city has beautiful destinations and weekend getaways nearby. Are you planning to explore Nashik? Here are five weekend escapes for you! Sula Vineyard Sula Vineyard Spread in 160 acres, Sula Vineyards welcomes you. Whether you are a wineContinue reading “Five weekend getaways near Nashik”

First solo trip to Pondicherry

Firsts are always special. Take a moment & think about your first solo trip. Do you remember the excitement, the fear & the feeling of freedom? Whether it was a month-long, just a few days, or even a single day outing, it brings a smile to your face. My first solo trip, even though itContinue reading “First solo trip to Pondicherry”

Why you do What you do?

There are 8 wonders in this world. Great Wall of China, Petra, Colosseum, Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, Taj Mahal, Christ the Redeemer, which is the next one? For me, it is Human Behavior. The twists & turns & unpredictability of human behavior are beyond the complexity of the rest seven wonders. The past few monthsContinue reading “Why you do What you do?”

Udaipur: Where I lost my heart

The city of lakes, palaces & a perfect mirror of the vibrant colors of Rajasthan, Udaipur is the destination to experience the royalty of the Rajputana. With beautiful scenic locations, rich culture, history & for my love of Rajasthan, the city was on my bucket list for a long time. It was time for theContinue reading “Udaipur: Where I lost my heart”