Best 14 honeymoon escapes in India

The beat of drums synced with Bollywood songs, families & friends dancing joyfully, the aroma of delicious cuisine, glitter & shimmer in every corner; Marriage is a grand affair in India. Two hearts taking vows to be soulmates are often lost in the proceedings of the ceremony. With less time to explore the counterpart, honeymoonContinue reading “Best 14 honeymoon escapes in India”

Exploring Indian workations with The Hosteller

Imagine working on a piece of code while chilling on a beach in Goa, curating the next marketing campaign for your company while watching the snow in Manali, or analyzing the stock market while experiencing the royal palaces of Udaipur. All these dreams can transform into reality with the help of a newcomer in theContinue reading “Exploring Indian workations with The Hosteller”

Best destinations for top Indian festivals

India is a country of many colors, celebrations, and festivals. Most of the festivals have been the child of religious beliefs, but some have been the outcome of a regional lifestyle. In present times, these festivals are an escape from our fast-moving lives to celebrate with loved ones.  While many festivals are celebrated across theContinue reading “Best destinations for top Indian festivals”